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    RAID 5 Array fails to boot, can I restore array from another OS install?


      I have an ASUS P5W DH Motherboard, configured with Intel Matrix Storage manager to run a RAID 5 array, including the OS (XP Pro).   The system no longer boots, as I get the BSOD, in either a normal boot, or in Safe Mode, or Last Known Good Configuration.   I suspect that I am having an issue with the sys file iaStor.sys, as it was the last file my Virus Software was attempting to delete to clean up my machine.  After I agreed to clean the file, my machine went into auto reboot, and has not booted successfully. 


      I am unable to leverage my original XP OS Install disc to do a RESTORE, as the disc is unable to recognize the the RAID Array.  I would imagine the easy thing for me to do, would be to copy/replace the iaStor.sys file from the C:\ prompt, however, I am unable to do so from my recovery cd.


      My next thought, was to throw a fresh Hard Drive into the equation, and load up another instance of XP Pro on this new disc.   I just completed this, and also loaded up the Intel Matrix Storage drivers (ICH7R), so the system can recognize RAID Arrays.   I then booted up the sytem, and plugged in the disc from my FAILED RAID 5 configuration.   The Intel Matrix Storage Manager is able to see the drives, and recognize the ARRAY as a RAID 5, however, it is attempting to REBUILD/RESTORE the Volumne. 




      If I attempt to rebuild the RAID 5 Volumne, will I be able to see all the data that was previously included on the array????, or will my data be nuked?


      I am hoping an Intel Expert can help me here, as they would know how the Matrix Manager would handle this situation.


      Situation - Use a different OS instance, Matrix manager, to Restore/Rebuild a volumne from a previous setup.


      I merely want to access the data, more so than recover the previous OS instance.


      I only care about getting to the data.

      Thanks for any help here.

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          Have you installed Matrix Storage Manager 8.9 ? as this is known to cause problems?


          What I suggest you do is let it rebuild the array doing so will not change any data and may let you boot the OS on the array normally after it is done.


          You should even now be able to see all your data as its rebuilding (if not My computer Disk management if not drive letter is not set right on the partition and open) to check that “iaStor.sys” is in \WINDOWS\system32\drivers .

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            Your post inspired me to continue to attemp to write the iaStor.sys file back to the location you mentioned.  \WINDOWS\system32\drivers

            I was finally able to accomplish this by attempting to install a 32 bit copy of Windows Vista Ultimate.  The install CD was not able to help me locate the XP OS, or Repair the XP OS, but it did give me the privelage of having a dos C:\ prompt.


            I selected the C:\prompt and found that I could copy the iaStor.sys file directly from a Driver Disc I made from my ASUS System CD.  Good 'OL DOS and a Floppy Drive saved the day.   Once I copied the iaStor.sys file back to the \WINDOWS\system\drivers folder, I was able to boot the system under last known good configuration.   The RAID array is currently rebuilding, and I plan on pulling all the data I need off the array, and wiping the machine clean.


            Thanks again for your help.