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    First generation Compute Stick - To upgrade or not to upgrade


      I've been following several of the threads on the Compute Stick with regard to upgrading to Windows 10. From what I can tell it's possible but risky. I've read some folks who've been able to just do the regular upgrade from Microsoft, others who've had to jump through lots of hoops, some who've wrecked it and had to start over, and still others who've gotten to an unrecoverable point.


      I was content to just stick with Windows 8.1 on mine until the issues were worked out, but yesterday I read that Microsoft has announced the free Windows 10 upgrade is ending in July.


      So I'm looking for recommendations on whether it's worth attempting the upgrade, or am I at risk of making a very light paperweight? I have the first generation Compute Stick (STCK1A32WFC).