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    when i use Intel XDK IoT Edition tool to run the 'on board blink' demo, show the node.js version too low


      The  version of XDK  is  iot_web_win_master_3022


      And the edison firmware is iot-devkit-prof-dev-image-edison-20160315


      All the process are strictly follow the instruction and all steps are working properly. 


      Is anyone met the same prob. ? 


      How to solve it ?  If need to upgrate the Node.js in edison board, do i need to use MCU kit to do that? Do you have the latest node.js for edison ?



      The error info :


      Your Node version (v0.10.38) has a partial support of profiler.

      The stack frames tree doesn't show all stack frames due to low sampling rate.

      The profiling data is incomplete and may show misleading results.

      Update Node to v0.11.13 or newer to get full support.

      Error: Cannot find module '/opt/xdk-daemon/current/node-inspector-server/node_modules/v8-debug/build/debug/v0.4.6/node-v11-linux-ia32/debug.node