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    Display port woes NUC6i5SYH


      Display port output flickering, cutting out completely & sound crackle.

      Can be just every now & then or sometimes frequently.

      HDMI works just fine.


      I noted a previous post regarding a problem I am having here:

      NUC6i5SYH displayport flickering problem


      System: NUC6i5SYH 16gb Kingston HyperX RAM , 512gb Samsung 950 Pro M2

      Mini DP to DP cable is Accell (the only VESA reccommended one) & monitor is AOC 12369VM 23"

      OS is Win 10 Pro


      I have noticed there are LOTS of threads about Display Port problems on a huge variety of equipment.

      So I'm wondering whether it is (remains?) a driver problem (as in the post above); a hardware problem (new monitor) or what?

      I may just revert to trying a MiniDP to HDMI cable - though that kinda defeats the object.

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          Okay, I'm currently trying out the beta graphics driver


          I will "play" for a few days & update after I have evaluated BUT so far it looks quite promising;

          a few minor flickers at first but seems steady now  ............  and no crackling speakers! 



          Altered IGD settings under video in bios to 256MB for both minimum memory AND aperture; so far this seems BY FAR the most-stable.

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            Upon reboot, problems are back & not going away - in fact, maybe worse with blank screen.

            Unplugging & leaving either/both of NUC & monitor made no difference; leaving both to go cold has made no difference. (I know, I know but worth testing.)

            Interestingly, even boot screen now flickers if DP is connected.   (Didn't do that before.)


            So - any ideas, anyone?

            Before I try a miniDP to HDMI?

            If that doesn't work this NUC will be returned as faulty.


            (To recap, latest bios & latest drivers are installed.)


            MiniDP to HDMI adapter arriving Monday.

            I have no other way of determining whether the NUC's miniDP out port OR the monitor is at fault;

            if screen flickers etc. with adapter then I must surmise it is the fault of the NUC.


            Does anyone have any other ideas?

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              Okay ..................

              After much reading online & after using for a while, I THINK I have found out what the problem is :

              Interference - in particular, from mobile telephones (cell phones).

              This either affects the NUC itself; the DP cable; or both.


              In my second post, the display worked for hours with no evidence of any problems after a few initial flickers.

              Upon rebooting the NUC though, the flickering screen/blank screen and crackling sound were back - worse than ever, it seemed.

              The flickering boot screen in particular made me curious.

              So - after ordering the adapter as described in the post above - I began searching for possible causes.

              One particular post led me to consider the possibility of interference from mobile (cell) phones.


              Thinking about this, I realised that the interference only began after I had placed my phone on the shelf 6" or so above my NUC.

              Well, it's just a handy place to have my phone whilst I'm working.

              SO - I moved my phone. ( About 10 feet away from the NUC!  )

              Re-booted & tried the DP connection again.

              And - VOILA!  No flickering. No crackling. Perfect picture & sound. For hours. Upon reboot too.



              It's too soon yet for me to mark this as "Correct Answer" - I will continue for the next few days before I will consider the problem truly solved.

              Also I cannot be sure whether the hardware in the NUC is susceptible to this interference or if it is the cable but it does seem certain to be one, the other or both.

              Despite the miniDP to DP cable being the ONLY one recommended by Vesa on their Display Port website, it seems possible that this cable may be susceptible to interference despite the shielding used in manufacture. (The cable in use is the Accell miniDP to DP cable 2metre/6' B143B-007J.)

              (Does anyone here remember the "old" days of having to move speakers away from your monitor, otherwise the screen went crazy?   It's kinda like that.)


              So if your Display Port connection is flickering and your sound is crackling, consider whether your mobile (cell) phone is close enough to cause interference.

              I hope this helps others who may - even just sometimes - be experiencing these problems.

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                After reading your original post, my gut was saying bad DP cable. Your most recent post says to be that this is very likely the problem. Purchase a better quality (well shielded) cable.


                Hope this helps,


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                  Thanks for your input (bad cable was my gut instinct too) but ...................

                  This was my second cable, the first being a "cheapie" (which was worse. Really).

                  Again, the (2nd) cable in use is was the Accell miniDP to DP cable 2metre/6' B143B-007J.


                  Would you not assume that - since this is the ONLY miniDP to DP cable recommended by Vesa/ DisplayPort themselves - the quality should already be up there with the best?

                  How else would you know what is a good cable?

                  Other than by the recommendation of the organisation implementing the technology, I mean? Displayport.org suggest you use a quality cable, after all.


                  See, by now I have read LOADS online about problems with Display Port; one common problem seemingly being the use of a 20-wire connection as opposed to Vesa-compliant 19-wire.

                  I have read LOADS of reviews about different cables at different prices, too.

                  From all of this, it is very difficult to determine which product to use - and there is no guarantee that you won't get problems, which (as I discovered) can be very frustrating.



                  ANYWAY .............. no more interference since moving my phone.

                  Though (to prevent even the possibility of future problems) I am now using a Startech miniDP to HDMI adapter - which works just fine.

                  The (short) cable does appear thicker than the Accell cable -  so I may consider trying one of their miniDP to DP cables.

                  At some time in the future..

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                    Thanks for this information you have shared with us.


                    After I have read your post I’m agreed that interference is the problem for this issue.


                    Is it still working fine?

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                      Yes it continues to work just fine, thank you.

                      Absolutely zero interference - other than when I tested with my phone.


                      As soon as I move my phone towards the area where the NUC & monitor are, the interference begins again; the closer the phone, the worse the interference becomes.

                      To play safe, I now keep my phone 6 feet plus away from the PC.

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                        I’m glad that is still working and thank you for taking your time to share this valuable information with us.


                        Best wishes,



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                          That is crazy!


                          Thanks so much for letting the community know!