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    What's going on with my computer?


      Hello everyone,


      I've been trying to update my graphical driver for the last few days, because this game that I'm playing online recommended having updated drivers. I downloaded the intel download utility app, and it suggests drivers for me to download, but as soon as I hit install, it says your computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements to install this software. What?? Why would the Intel utility driver app recommend me software that my computer can't handle? So I tried all three option for updating my drivers, and guess what, my PC didn't meet the minimum to run it. I've also tried uninstalling my driver, and then applying another one from online, but that has failed every time too. Either the intel driver utility app needs to be fixed, or something is wrong with my computer. I just hop someone finds the most updated driver for my computer and links it down below.


      Here are the specs of my laptop:


      Screenshot (723).pngScreenshot (724).pngScreenshot (725).png