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    DHT22 code is not working for Edison and working for Arduino Uno


      Hi ,

      DHT22  not  working on Edison and it is working on Arduino Uno.

      I know one reason for above problem is as follows.

      1. microsecondsToClockCycles can't be rewritten for Edison because it is running Linux and it is not really "Real-time" operating system, so it may take different time to execute the same function (depends on many factors).

      2. Switching ports from 'Output' to 'Input' is to slow on Intel Edison. When I tested it I was able to receive only last 10-12 bits out of 40 bits from the DHT22 due to slow transition of the pin from Output to Input.


      Is there any software solution instead of using diode(hardware). I don't want work around solution.

      Please do need full.