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    Roadblocks and legacy support solutions in comparison to Intel Active Management Technology...


      Many engineers and end-users ask "Why do I need Intel AMT?" I can do X, or Y already...






      If you're somewhat familiar with Intel AMT - you understand some of the complexities in setting up an enterprise environment to support the Intel AMT model. You also have a day-to-day support model where pre-AMT solutions are being utilized, and are familiar with how Intel AMT can simplify your IT life.





      • What roadblocks do you foresee in setting up an Intel AMT supported environment?

      • What legacy support models do you use for remote management?

      • What benefits do you hope to utilize (or are currently using) with your new Intel AMT infrastructure?


      There is no 'one-way' to provide end-point support, and I hope to get some creative converstation on how your environment works and showcase the benefit of implementing Intel vPro Processor Technology into your current infrastructure vs. future support models and help clarify usage for Intel AMT.