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    Clipped Intel Graphics Control Panel


      Hello ladies and gentlemen


      Quite a strange problem appeared the past year where my intel control panel is not displayed correctly. I currently have the latest drivers and software according to intel.


      My control panel appears to be clipped like this



      I could go on and on but you get the idea.


      The thing is that I have tried everything I have thought of and it appears to have no effect over the situation.


      My specs are :


      i5-4300m cpu with the HD 4600 intel HD graphics

      an 8970m gpu

      windows 10

      an ssd and an hybrid hdd


      This is a laptop



      Things I have tried :

      Reinstalling the drivers from scratch

      isntalling only the intel drivers

      installing only the amd drivers

      installing older drivers and software (intel ones)



      My problem persists. Anyone has any ideas?