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    Are any chips available with fix for hsw136?


      In 2014 a bug was found in the Haswell TSX implementation, documented here:


      Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1200 v3 Family: Specification Update





      Are there any intel chips currently on the market that have a fix for this issue?  How would such a chip be identified on the command line on Linux (RHEL7).


      Prior to the errata publication for this issue, I believe we could look for RTM programmatically with code like:


      #if defined USE_LIBCPUID

      #include <libcpuid/libcpuid.h>


      #include <stdio.h>


      constexpr int RTM_BITMASK (1 << 11) ;


      int main()


      #if defined USE_LIBCPUID

         struct cpu_raw_data_t raw ;


        if ( cpuid_get_raw_data( &raw ) >= 0 )


            printf( "%08X\n", raw.basic_cpuid[7][1] & RTM_BITMASK ) ;




         int r[4] { 7, 0, 0, 0 } ;

         __asm__( "cpuid"

                  : "+a"( r[0] ),

                    "=b"( r[1] ),

                    "+c"( r[2] ),

                    "=d"( r[3] ) ) ;


         printf( "%08X\n", r[1] & RTM_BITMASK ) ;


         return 0 ;


      Given that this will also be true for chips that have the bug but do not have the microcode update that disables it (nor a bios update for the same), how would one check that the TSX feature is both available and bug free?