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    Can't boot via RMM virtual media


      I have S2600WT servers with the latest BIOS and a RMM4LITE installed and get grey hairs trying to boot via virtual media, either USB images or ISOs.   I can access the drives from a booted system but BIOS doesn't seem to recognize the devices reliably.  Bizarrely, I did manage to access the devices iff i have a real bootable USB stick on the machines but not without, at least not reliably.   In the java console i also note some  java.nio.BufferOverflowException triggered by classes from com.ami.iusb.protocol packages which seem to be correlated with boots. Makes me wonder whether it is related that my network to the RMM is a bit sluggish.


      In any case, anybody else having seen similar problems?  Is there any new version of JViewer which might not inhibit that exception? Or is it maybe a java compatability problem (although i tried with OpenJDK/IceTEA 7 on Linux and Sun JDK8 on Windows and had problems with both).  Any suggestion is welcome! Thanks!