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    Digital sensor has different behavior on battery vs. wall plug


      I'm using this sensor:


      Grove - Dust Sensor - Wiki


      I discovered something interesting with the dust sensor: I get very different readings and consistency of readings when the board is plugged in via the wall plug vs. my portable cell-phone charger which I use with the breakout board and has always worked fine. I also have a temperature sensor, analog, and its readings are the same with both sources of power, but not the digital dust sensor (plugged into D8, as required in the specs).  I get lots of zero readings with the wall charger, and the fluctuation in readings is extreme, but when using the USB-in with my portable charger my readings are more consistent and never show the zeroed-out issue.


      This sensor plugs into a digital port so I would not think electricity fluctuation had a role, but obviously is does.


      Can anyone advise on why this might be and how to address it?

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