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    Any update about Intel Rural Connectivity Platform?


      Hello there;


      I am interested in Intel's RCP (mentioned in the following article link) but I can't find any recent update about this project. Is it scraped? Kindly suggest a way to look beyond. Where can I get information about these and buy devices?


      I found some pages Intel® RCP goes commercial, Joyce Kuo - Intel, University of Chicago, and Z-Com A Wireless Networking Company but these are years old. Reason to raise this question is for any kind of latest information. Z-com does not seem like an active firm.


      • Is there any research still going on?
      • any other alternatives to this technology?
      • any other place to buy devices (of course except z-com)?
      • any other information?




      Intel Lab Rural Connectivity Platform: http://blogs.intel.com/intellabs/2008/03/10/rural_connectivity_platform_be/