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    Intel DG45ID audio over HDMI does not resume correctly after S3 sleep / wake


      This is an issue relating to the DG45ID that I bought for my inlaws to use in a HTPC for my inlaws. The issue repros every time with the default driver installed by Windows and it also occurs with the IDT audio driver (not clear whether this is 100% or not, no longer physically in front of system).



           Intel DG45ID [Bios IDG4510H.86A (latest)]

           Intel IDT audio drivers [6224.3 v182]

           O/S: Windows 7 x64 RTM (with all WU patches to 18/01/2010).

           Samsung Series 5 LCD TV connected with HDMI




      1) Run Microsoft MediaCenter and watch a video or listen to an audio stream.

      2) Put the machine to sleep (S3).

      3) Wake machine.

      4) Pick any video or audio track to listen to in MediaCenter.

      5) Enjoy the silence!


      At stage 5, Windows clearly think the audio device is working correctly and the user can adjust the volume to no effect. Muting and unmuting has no effect. Starting and stopping the stream has no effect.




      1) Quit MediaCenter.

      2) Adjust volume of in the system tray. Any movement of the volume level appears to kick start the device.

      3) Restart MediaCenter.


      For a HTPC, this workaround is irksome. The intended users who are 60+ years old in this instance.


      I'm wondering whether this is a known or isolated problem? And whether anyone knows of a better workaround. It would take an hour or so to crank out a service to kill MC, adjust the volume, and restart MC, that wouldn't be much of an improvement (and I have to drive 4 hours to install it!).