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    3 beep error code after changing memory parameters


      DH87MC - upgraded memory from 8 to 32GB, began working well after adjusting the memory params on the Performance page.


      I then decided to optimize (?) it by adjusting the 4 timing params to match the memory specs. Default had been 9 9 9 24, which I changed to 10 11 10 30. Saved and restarted with F10, Yes. Worked okay, but I noticed that the timing values were back to default. Set them to memory specs again, restarted, got the 3-beep 'no memory' error.


      So far I've been unable to clear the CMOS (or perhaps doing so did not return it to working defaults?) using the remove-the-battery-and-wait method. (The PSU has an AC switch, so I didn't actually unplug it, though. Trying that as I write, no hope though.


      Other than shopping for a replacement motherboard, is there anything else to do? Although there was no obvious reason the memory was damaged, I did the normal drills of trying the original memory in various slots. There's nothing external plugged in except for SATA drives, a (Displayport) monitor, and an ethernet connector (which LED shows activity while the bios is beeping at me).

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          10-11-10-30 is a strange timing specification. I've never seen RAM where the first three numbers weren't the same. Are you sure it isn't 10-10-10-X?

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            I don't pretend to understand the rules, but Patriot PV332G186C0QKBL says 10-11-10-30.


            In any case, I would be happy if the bios were to reset it to 9-9-9-24, as I sit here waiting for Newegg to email me that I can pick up my replacement motherboard.


            By way of a grouse, I have to comment that it's a shame that Intel gave up on desktop boards - I used to depend on that product line for robust reliability - but it's slightly more shameful that they didn't stop selling them a year or so sooner, before this miserable lot was foisted on the public.

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              After leaving the battery out with the PSU unplugged for a couple of hours, I cleared CMOS. The system always gives 3 beeps (repeatedly). I can get to the startup menu and thence to setup by holding the power button through the four-beep sequence, although I may have to try a couple of times.


              After verifying/setting CMOS data I restarted; still 3 beeps, but the special power-on procedure still gets me to that special menu, and CMOS. 


              The memory works fine in a different motherboard and provides appropriate XMP data, and that board automatically sets memory timing correctly.

              The Intel board doesn't give me a opportunity to select an XMP profile - choices are manual or auto, and auto does not choose the correct timing for the given memory module.

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                I am not an Intel employee so this is not a definitive answer, but in my experience DH boards only offered the manual/auto choice while DZ boards offered the XMP selection. I have a DH67BL board which accepted my changing the RAM settings from 9-9-9-24 to 7-7-7-24, with a noticeable increase in speed.


                And I agree with you regarding Intel boards no longer being made. Intel has made a few strange decisions, with giving up on the smartphone market being one of them.

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                  Hello, All:


                   Thank you for your feedback.


                  The supported cas latency for this motherboard is 9, any other latency will be overclocking, and from our it is no supported.