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    Iris Pro 5200 - Cities Skylines crashes Intel driver




      I have a problem running Cities Skylines on my device with a Core i7-4770HQ and Iris Pro Graphics 5200 (Vaio Z Canvas, 16GB RAM, Windows 10).


      When playing the game and moving the camera / changing the perspective the Intel driver very often crashes. The driver gets restarted very quickly but after a few crashes I get a notification that the access to the graphics hardware for Cities Skylines has been blocked and then of course the game stopps completely working.

      I reduced the texture quality from high to medium and that helped and that helped alot but from time to time it still crashes. But texture quality shouldn't be a problem because I can play the game (with textures set to high) without problem on a device with HD Graphics 4000.


      I tested with the system manufacturers driver and latest stable as well as beta graphics driver but the problem persists.

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