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      Well, I have to admit I not follow the standard path.

      First of all, I installed Fedora 23 on top of the Edison card.

      Now up I tried to run the java code example provided on mraa/examples/java at master · intel-iot-devkit/mraa · GitHub


      So, I was able to make the Example.java running well.



      However, I was not able to run the HelloEdison one.

      Compilation went fine but execution was not giving me the expected outcome.


      java -cp "/usr/lib/java/mraa.jar:." HelloEdison

      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: mraa.mraaJNI.INTEL_NUC5_get()I

              at mraa.mraaJNI.INTEL_NUC5_get(Native Method)

              at mraa.Platform.<clinit>(Platform.java:20)

              at mraa.mraa.getPlatformType(mraa.java:25)

              at HelloEdison.main(HelloEdison.java:46)


      Could you please give me some hint on how to fix it ?



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          Hi fhornain,

          If I understood you well, you are running Fedora instead of Yocto, is that correct?

          The error you are getting seems to be caused when trying to get the platform type. The fact that you are using Fedora might be the reason why you are getting the error. Since Fedora is not the supported OS, MRAA might not work as expected. In the Example.java code, you are only importing mraa.mraa, but in the HelloEdison.java code, you are importing more libraries. MRAA is not adapted to work in other OS like Fedora so I recommend you to use Yocto.