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    Using adapters, is extended desktop possible with 2 VGA monitors be connected to a NUC5i5MYHE?


      I have a new NUC5i5MYHE. Seeing 2 Mini DP ports on the back, I assumed the machine could support dual monitors with extended desktop even without daisy-chaining or a DP hub.

      Neither of my monitors has a DP socket, so I'm using 2 DP-->VGA adapters, with each monitor plugged into one Mini DP port on the NUC.

      I get only duplicated monitors, with no option for extending the desktop.

      My question: Is there something about this hardware setup that makes it absolutely impossible to extend my display over 2 monitors? (I.e., will the graphics card absolutely not drive 2 different VGA displays even if they're plugged into different sockets)?

      Or is it a software problem?

      The system is Manjaro Linux XFCE. I've been able to set up extended desktops using the same OS but with different hardware, so in this case I'm looking for the usual setup choices and finding them missing.


      Any suggestions?