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    How to get IR to work?


      How do you get that piece of **** IR inside the NUC6 series to work?


      I'm running windows 10 and under HID devices I got 6 entries, 4 HID compliant ones and ITECIR and microsoft ehome transceiver. These are all related to the IR receive because removing one of them removes all of them. The driver is installed by windows 10 automatically.


      However running eventghost I don't see a single keystroke popping up. I tried my LG tv and WD live TV remotes. Both should be normal IR controllers.


      I tried installing the ITE tech IR driver listed on the Intel download page for my device (nuc6i3) but that driver fails during install, outputting 0x80070103 in crappy English. Color me surprised, ****** chinese hard and software that isn't working.


      So is there way to get this turd to work or should we all just accept that Intel is simply utter **** at delivering software (their own or somebody else s) that actually works? Any point in wasting more time on this or am I better off saving my time and frustrations and just spend a 100 bucks on a mce remote (yes those things are that expensive where I live)?

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          The IR receiver receives commands from an mce remote. Any other IR commands (eg tv or wd live) will not work and wont show up as events. This is not an IR learning device, its simply for ease of integration as a home theater pc and is programmed to only accept those codes. I believe you can order an mce clone from amazon etc quite cheap and it will work fine.


          That was the reply to your query. But I also want to thank you for making this post. I have been using my nuc 6i5 for a while now and have been a bit worried about numerous problems being reported with it. Your post has made me realize that there are a bunch of people out there with very low IQ who are trying to use this outstanding device. I strongly urge such people to stick with apple products as they are quite idiot proof. Honestly these devices are not meant for you. Please don't complain about things that the product was never intended for. You have a very powerful fully functional pc in the palm of your hand, and you are calling it a turd. What did you expect, it would receive your tv's IR commands and turn on your TV along with your juicer and dishwasher?

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            I don't know where you live, but on ebay (available to most of the world) you can buy an MCE remote for about $5. If you have anything like Goodwill or a thrift store, they tend to show up there for about $1. You sound pretty pessimistic about the NUC, Intel, and the Chinese, but is it possible you were expecting a feature/function that is beyond what was intended. What was it you were expecting the IR receiver to do? It's designed to be used with an RC6 remote for things like home theater, etc. It's not meant to replace your keyboard/mouse.  I was able to get one working with Windows 8 once through trial and error (not out of expectation, I was just curious if it was possible), but functionality was limited and pretty much pointless.

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              Then they need to put only works with mce remotes on the spec page instead of consumer IR device. Before buying this nuc I did read up on it online and people seem to use it with generic IR remotes as well. Maybe because they aren't running Windows.

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                The NUCs don't "only work with MCE remotes" though. They work with any RC6 remote.  I was just pointing out that if you want an MCE remote they're incredibly cheap and easy to find.

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                  Unfortunately for some reason these things are really expensive over here. Thr cheapest one I can get that is on the compatibility list is the xbox 360 media remote for about 40 bucks. The xbox one remote is half that but who knows if that works.


                  The hardware intel makes is generally fine it's just their software and integration isn't the greatest to put it mildly. Like how the purposly left out hd audio bit streaming for the windows drivers on the 5th Gen models even though the hardware is perfectly capable of it.


                  I've had many issues with my old ssd and w7. As well. With a new ssd and w10 the nuc is fine and it's running great as a htpc but I need a remote to keep it girlfriend friendly.

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                    Ok, I get what you mean now. I'm going to say something that I doubt the Intel folks will agree with: don't worry about what's on the compatibility list. If you go on ebay and order an RC6 remote, it will work.  As I said, I've bought them online, I've picked them up at thrift stores, never once checked the compatibility list, and they work just fine.  I've never come across an RC6 remote that didn't work with the NUC.

                    Here's an RC6 MCE remote on ebay (selected at random) that works with the NUC IR: RC6 Microsoft Windows Media Center IR Remote RC153400500 for Dell Gateway | eBay

                    If you want a keyboard/air mouse/remote combo, here's one that I personally own. It uses its own receiver, but if you're more concerned with functionality, it's awesome:  http://www.amazon.com/August-PCR500-Multimedia-Universal-Frequency/dp/B014R8EAPG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1462326771&sr=8-…


                    My experience with the remotes in Windows was that they worked fine on the start menu (the Windows 8 style start menu) and I could navigate through the tiles. But at the desktop the remote did nothing. That worked for me with Windows 8 because all I wanted was to go straight to the start menu and run Netflix.


                    And for what it's worth, I agree with you that Intel's strength with the NUCs has always been the hardware, while the drivers (and sometimes bios) have been lacking.  That's because it's hard to know what the hardware will do in all circumstances, and that's where the drivers come in.

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                      Hi Dutchsamurai,
                      The Consumer Infrared (CIR) sensor on the front panel provides features that are designed to comply with Microsoft Consumer Infrared usage models (RC-6).
                      Please see the technical product specifications for the Intel NUC6 here:
                      Page 47
                      I recommend following jasonNUC  suggestions, he has had good experience with the Intel® NUC.
                      Best wishes,

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                        Having the Same issues with my nuc6i3.


                        I have bought the pictured MCE remote and can only get it to work with a USB IR receiver.

                        Device manager looks like the intel CIR receiver is installed correctly with ITE drivers downloaded from intel website yet the remote will not work at all



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                          I'm fairly certain that particular remote only works with the receiver that it ships with. Some remotes are like that...specific to a particular receiver.



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                            Thank you jasonNUC for taking your time to help on this thread
                            Best wishes,

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                              Of course! You know me...I love figuring stuff out. 

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                                This may be slightly off topic, and the article is a few years old, but most of it still applies and it includes information about using "any" remote with an IR receiver.  I haven't personally tried that but it's worth a read: The Remote Control Conundrum: How to Choose the Right Remote for Your Home Theater PC