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    WHEA Logger - Event 19 and 47 errors - Nuc6i5syh


      Hi Guys,


      I am using my Nuc6i5syh since february - without a few minor issues probably driver ones (Soundcard, VideoCard) - they may caused some headache, but the overall picture was not so bad - like at the WHEA uncorrectable "fans". I can tell that the from mid March till today - no serious event was happened, no hardware incompatibility before. (2x 4 GBCorsair Value Select CMSO16GX4M2A2133C15, 1x 128 GB NVMe SAMSUNG MZVPV128 and Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB)

      Today morning I realized FIRST time, that my NUC is not responding, power cable out - plugged back and start - second attempt was OK, and system was built up.

      Checked the Eventlog, and I saw a tons of WHEA Logger - Event 19 and 47 errors written there in every seconds. (CPU and Memory related "corrected" hw issue)

      I do not know since when this kind NUC writing this errors, there were tons - last one is yesterday 19:50

      So it is not showing the reason what may trigger this event, or what happened during the freeze - getting or not the WHEA crash page - I do not know.

      Now system is running correctly but the eventlog is continuously "under writing attack" with this event 19.


      My BIOS is still 28, and it is not the evergreen everblue uncorrectable WHEA one, but can you please advise what can I do with this error?

      I will update to 42 soon today, but is it solving that issue or I can only join to the glorious "WHEA" fanclub - then RMA?