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    Updating Graphics 4600 Windows 10


      Hi everyone,


      I'm hoping I can find some answers here. I have an HP Omen which has the i7-4710HQ processor. Every now and then, the graphics display driver will crash with Windows explicitly advising me that the driver is for Windows. I also occasionally experience weird intermittent hangs. Well, I decided to do some research and see if the drivers needed updating - as per HP's website, there is no Windows 10 update from them to offer. However, support on the Intel Website says a different story. However, when I try to update the graphics driver using the new driver provided by Intel, I experience an error that essentially explains that since HP has customized the driver before, the installer is unable to install itself on top; even simply uninstalling the driver and trying to install the new one produces an error.


      Has anyone else experienced the weird issues with crashes/hangs on a computer upgraded from Windows 8? How were they able to remedy this? Thanks for your help in advance.