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    Unable to access BIOS update / Airplane mode stuck / 1511 update made it invalid


      So far I have been very very very unhappy with my purchase of the Intel Stick computer with dual boot windows 10 / android


      For starters, upon applying the 1511 Microsoft update, the activation broke .... 2 hours on the phone with Microsoft and I have the stick fully upgraded and a new license from Microsoft < WHY!?!?!?


      and now, after thinking I got it working right ....

      1 - boots up now with the airplane icon showing, claiming ther is no wireless .... But I am connected to wifi, the bluetooth mouse works, and I can surf the internet ... airplane mode is not even an option in settings!!

      2 - Realtek I2S driver no longer working

      3 - an unidentified device now shows in device manager



      started researching and thought the 31 bios update might solve my issues.


      1. When the Intel Compute Stick is turned off (not in Hibernate or Sleep mode), plug the USB device into the USB port (or insert the microSD card into the SD card slot). If you are using a USB keyboard/mouse, you need a multi-port USB hub.
      2. Press and hold the power button down for 3 seconds. Release it before the 4 second shutdown override.

      Device is turned off


      press power for 3 seconds and it does not come on

      press for 4 seconds and unit turns on and goes through boot process


      so how can i have a unit off, then press power for 3 seconds and not 4 to prevent shutdown when the UNIT IS NOT EVEN TURNED ON!!!!!


      broke the hdmi extension and threw away the box so seller won't take it back. I have never ever disliked an Intel Product until I bought this ... no writing on the device to even tell you what model it is



      Can anyone help and shed some light on why this product is sooooo screwey? wasted so much time trying to make it work.