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    edison and securing the device




      I am interested in taking reasonable protections for my Intel device.  I.e. I don't want people to pull the image of off it, or otherwise hop on the system and muck around.  I've turned wifi off, ssh off, console off, etc in a production image.  However, it seems to me, one can always pull down the image on the disk with dfu-util.  It also seems quite hard to secure the edison, even if I have verified u-boot, can't someone just reflash the u-boot partitions to something that will boot the image?


      Additionally, I want to verify firmware before applying it.  This can't be done with dfu-util, I think, but has to live at u-boot/after linux booting.  Again, wondering what others have tried/standard practices.


      I am wondering what other people have tried or considered and what, if anything others have tried.