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    How to update graphics drivers and increase dedicated video memory?


      I run the update utility. It says that I have old graphic drivers. I have 10.13... and it will install 15.33... I click download and install. After the installation a restart is required. After the restart I go to the adapter options and I see that the driver version is the same 10.13... Nothing has changed. I tried doing this a few more times and still nothing happens. I want to update my drivers in order to increase my dedicated memory because now it says 64MB and it says that I have 1700MB more... A lot of new games are unable to run because of this thing and I am really ****** off. I am extremely disappointed in your graphics products. I even tried downloading drivers for my version (n series) and manually installing them but still nothing happens. I tried downloading different drivers for other models and still nothing happens. The drivers are either uninstallable or they are installed but after the restart is the same old thing. Please give me the solution to my problem. If I cannot update my drivers it is cool, I am fine with that but the dedicated memory issue - that is ******* me off big time. I am looking forward in recieving an adequate answer from you. Be healthy and stay strong!