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    Intel 530 graphics driver causing graphics corruption


      I have other problem with graphics on NUC6i3. 1st I had problem with (Win10) Edge browser and Mozilla browser - when I minimized and then maximized browser window, it's web content became destroyed. I had to min/max once more (or F5) and everything ok. So I switched to IE11 and ok. But - now when I move with browser window from left edge to right side, all icons and icon labels destory:


      When I move mouse cursor over destroyed content, it refresh itself and is ok. I can also min/max corrupted window and then all ok. But it's ocassional, not allways. I have latest BIOS0042 (defaults), latest graphics driver and all defaults in Intel Graphics app. Monitor HP ZR2440w through HDMI. Temperatures ok. Does anyone of you saw similar behavior like this? I hope next driver will fix this...it's not big problem, but it exists...