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    NUC6i5SYK: BSOD while installing Windows 10 64bit / BSOD windows 7 32bit


      Dear M,


      I'm getting tired of those NUC's: NUC6i5SYK.


      I bought 4 NUC's of this type, 2 of them are giving issues. But they are identical... So ... In corporation with the supplier we changed the RAM even after passing Memtest86.


      So because we adapted a windows 7 32bit to work with those NUC's... We tried to install windows 10 64bit.



      Same kind of errors, ... at random.


      Tested situations:

      1. Without installing any driver. (just windows 10)
      2. With drivers all installed from Intel.
      3. With drivers installed by device manager... 'have disk'
      4. 3 Times not able to install windows 10 ... after input of the product key ==> BSOD (If a BSOD already occurs while installing ... Than it sounds to me as failing hardware.)


      Tested with the latest BIOS, the BIOS before and the BIOS before. So with 3 different BIOS versions.


      Those NUC's are in daily use by our employers..... This way it's hard to work!!!


      After those tests, I changed the SSD from device and place the SSD of a working NUC into one that's failing.



      With other RAM and other SSD .... the BSOD at random shows up also...



      1. 2 different operating systems
      2. BSOD while installing operating system
      3. Replacing RAM
      4. Replacing SSD
      5. Processor test (intel) PASS


      Problems still the same... what is your feedback on this situation? If a device even fails during installing an operating system, ... in my opinion than it's hardware and I can exlude the SSD and RAM already?


      Kind regards,


      Eno Mertens

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          I guess by now you must have seen more BSOD than in 10 years, resulting in an unworkable situation. I advise RMA. Contact Intel (through your reseller).

          Intel is aware of some Gen6 NUCs suffering from hardware faults.

          You have 3 years warranty.

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            Hi Hegenious,


            You are indeed right... I've seen more BSOD as in the last 10 years


            intel_corp I've contacted support (NUC), they would reply here... but I didn't see any message yet. I have 1 question, if it's faulty hardware... does this mean all NUC's with this batch nummer has those issues? Because all 4 NUC's have the same batch number....?

            If yes, than I would suggest that all 4 Nuc's get replaced. I will arrange this with my supplier, but than we need to swap them by 2 or they need to be all 4 direclty available. The end-user is a trading company (financial market) so they really need GOOD working systems.


            Please share me your feedback.... I've tested those NUC devices extended (about 36 hours intesive). I hope my information has some value for you to locate the issue.


            Kind regards,


            Eno Mertens

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              Not all NUCs in a batch are faulty, but you can't tell beforehand if over time, your NUC will show errors or not.

              I have a question or two myself: what version of BIOS are you on, and what RAM are you using?


              It is very important that you update the 2 working NUCs to the latest BIOS, being 0042, as soon as possible.

              Why this is important is that BIOS v 0042 prevents hardware errors from happening. It's an important protection!

              This has something to do with the voltage regulation circuitry. Intel details here: FAQ for SY.pdf

              On a NUC that's already showing BSOD to the point that you can't install an OS anymore, the damage is done and updating the BIOS to v0042 will not fix it. In such a case, claim an RMA.

              My feedback, in short:

              First NUC died after using 2 weeks, hardware failure. Cannot boot or install OS.--> RMA

              Second NUC died 4 days after it arrived --> RMA

              Third NUC up and running since February with no errors or glitches.


              When my NUCs broke, I called my reseller. He initiated the RMA process for me.

              They would have Intel send me a replacement the very next day, and I had to arrange with DHL so they come and pick up the broken NUC after the new replacement arrived.

              How painless the RMA process is depends (I think) on country were one is located. I live in NL but I've seen posts on this forum were users from other countries would have to wait for weeks before receiving their replacement.

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                Hi Hegenious,


                I tried the following BIOS versions: 0036 | 0039 | 0042


                So... I really did all possible... so with up-to-date BIOS ==> BSOD during installation of Windows 10


                I took an SSD from a NUC that doesn't show any issues ... and after 5 minutes this ssd was running in other NUC... Same errors .... So in my opinion... we can exlude the operating system, the RAM memory and the SSD... Than nothing much is left on those devices...


                If they can't porvide a replacement??? ... as it looks now... they sais not in stock and not able to give me a date when it should be deliverable.

                I hope Intel has the decency to provide another solution to satisfy me, because the end-client bought 4 of those devices on my advice as reliable brand. So ... I only can hope they can provide a solution.


                Kind regards,


                Eno Mertens

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                  Intel Corporation
                  This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                  Hello Webcon,
                  Thank you for joining the Intel communities.
                  If your unit already got the BSOD I suggest replacing the units, if you are already arranging a replacement with your local support group, I’m sure you will get the right support for the replacements.
                  We are aware of the BSOD Windows Hardware Error Architecture (WHEA) error and we released the BIOS version 0042 to prevent it, but it will not fix the issue if it already happened.
                  I really apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to you and I really hope you can have a better experience with the replacements.
                   Best wishes,