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    Using 25gb ssd for caching


      Hi everyone I need your help,

      I screwed up my partitions and had to format everything and reinstall my windows 10 and xubuntu OS all over again. After installing it all I realised I have a 25gb ssd disk and started googling what to do with it and found out that thise type of small disks are used for caching. To do so you need to use the Intel Smart Response Technology tool, I downloaded it since it wasn't installed in this fresh boot (no idea if it was installed in the previous one), and it seems that I'm not suited for its installation. I've read some forums as well and they said that my disk needs to be in RAID mode and to do that I had to change it in my BIOS. I'm not certain of this and need some kind of confirmation since I can't find this specific information for my i7. I run an intel core i7-4510u and I need to know if I'm eligible to follow this procedure and install ISRT, Intel® Smart Response Technology User Guide .

      Thanks in advance!