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    I2C6 on Edison Breakout Board



      I am trying to use I2C6 on the Edison Breakout Board via Python and mraa, but I haven't had any luck in doing so, even though everything works fine on I2C1.

      I used a BME280 for the following tests:

      • Device plugged on I2C1:
        • i2cdetect (i2cdetect -r 1) detects the device at 0x76
        • the Python script below displays '96' for the WhoAmI, as expected

      #!/usr/bin/env python 

      import mraa as m

      if __name__ == "__main__":

        bme = m.I2c(0)


        print("BME WhoAmI: %s" %bme.readReg(0xD0))


      • Device plugged on I2C6:
        • i2cdetect (i2cdetect -r 6) correctly detects the device at 0x76 (while on other posts related to I2C6 on this forum, the device was not even detected)
        • However the exact same Python script as above doesn't work anymore, displaying '0' as WhoAmI
          • setting 'bme = m.I2c(1)' instead of 'bme = m.I2c(0)' doesn't work either


      I am using the Yocto image '20160315'. Similar outcomes were observed on other I2C devices.

      Do I need to change something in the Python script? Or configure something in Linux?

      Thank you for your help!