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    Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG - Slow performance


      Dear friends,


      I need your help on the following issue.


      I am a windows 7 user and have the above mentioned wireless adapter on my laptop.


      When I connect my laptop directly onto the router I get the maximum of the speed provided by local internet company, up to 50mbps.


      However, each time I go back to the normal situation ( direct connection not practically available ) and use the wireless connection

      then always the performance speed achieved is less by 50%  from the cable connection on the router.


      Can you  please provide me with information regarding this experience and potential actions I should take in order for the problem be resolved?


      Please note that the internet equipment , router and computer are located in the same open space room - no walls or other floors -


      so this is the reason I cannot  explain the results on the speed performance.


      Many thanks for your help,


      best regards,