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    Need Help : Automatic Product Photography Rig


      Dear All,



      I am a Mech Engineer Turned Photographer and now an avid electronics hobbyist with a lot of ideas that I plan to put to action. I have never been as excited as I am now with the vast ocean of opportunities that Arduino has to offer. Just bought myself an Atmega 2560 after winning an Intel Edison at the Intel IOT Roadshow. With all this and another 200 dollars worth of purchases I am all set to build some new gadgets that simplify our lives.



      Coming to the point. Here is -

      Project No 1 - Automatic Product Photography Rig

      Being in the e-commerce Photography field I have quite much mastered the skill of shooting white background shots of products. This involves getting various angles of products using studio lights and manual movement of the product to various of these angles. My goal is to achieve consistency and speed in the images that we shoot and then prototype this for bigger shooting models.



      What I have with me:

      Arduino 2560 or the Intel Edison

      Stepper Motor from a Copier Machine (XEROX) with 6 leads.

      Stepper Motor Driver VNH2SP30

      Servo Motor with 6kgcm torque

      Bread Board

      2 Amp  - 5-12 V Power Adaptor

      USB Cable to connect the chip

      Some Sensors which include the HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor

      Disc to Mount on the Motor

      Songle 2 switch relay

      TFT Screen


      What the completed system should be able to do.


      Using all the above components I wish to make a rotatable base on which a product can be placed.The placement of the product will be recognized by the system using a HC SR 04 Ultrasonic Sensor or an LDR whichever is suitable and is placed below the rotatable base or suitably depending on how it would best recognize an object on the rotatable base. This sensor will trigger a series of actions which involve:


      - Object Placed Successfully appears on the TFT

      - Triggers the front camera for a front angle shot

      - The Stepper motor rotates by 90 Degrees

      - Triggers the front camera for a side angle shot

      - The stepper motor rotates by 90 Degrees

      - Triggers the front camera for a back shot

      - Triggers the top camera for a top shot

      - Stepper Motor moves the disc back to home position

      - "Place the next Product" appears on the TFT Screen

      and this loops over


      I will have two SLR cameras and a set of lights which are all connected externally.I also have a wireless trigger system which basically consists of a simple switch which gets actuated to have the camera fire. To actuate this I am using a relay which will be connected to the Wireless trigger system and will be software or code controlled at a specific interval.


      1. What I am looking for is how to put all this code together and which libraries to use?

      2. What are the connections to be made.

      3. Should I couple the rotatable disc directly to the motor or through a geared mechanism?

      4. Upgraded functionality such as being able to get more angles using a specific sub program/ subroutine with a set of different angles instructions that appear on the TFT screen.

      5. Options to upload all these images to a cloud directly using my intel Edison and the breakout board which comes with a Wifi Module.


      Any help would be highly appreciated. I'd love to share the finished product with all of you showing you the capabilities.


      Warm Regards,

      Arvind all the way from India.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi PadmanabhShenoy,

          I recommend you to split your project in small pieces before trying to put all together from the beginning. 

          You could use Python, C/C++, or JavaScript for the project. The MRAA library is a good option to handle the Edison's interfaces. Also, the Arduino IDE can be an option. 

          The connections will depend on the hardware you have. I recommend you to investigate how the different motors, the TFT screen, sensor, etc. can be connected and which interfaces they have. If the Edison doesn't have a particular interface, or there aren't enough interfaces, I'm afraid that you won't be able to connect the Edison to the device.

          Usually, the motors are not connected to the devices directly. I haven't done a lot of projects with motors, but I've seen that some kind of gear mechanism is used. Anyhow, that will depend on the application.

          I also recommend you to look for projects that uses TFT screens, motors and sensors individually. There are a lot of projects using Arduino, you could use them as a guide to get ideas for your project.


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