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    i7 Skylake 6700K / KFA2 Infin8 GTX970 Low Fps GAMING


      So I've just updated my build to the following..


      - i7 Skylake 6700K

      - KFA2 Infin8 GTX970

      - MSI Z170A-G45 Gaming Motherboard

      - 8GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance

      - Corsair H100i GTX Watercooler

      - Kingston HyperX 125GB SSD [WITH STEAM / CSGO INSTALLED]

      - 2TB Seagate Internal


      And with CSGO on low and launch options on I'm only really getting around 170FPS..


      Launch Options: -novid -tickrate 128 -language english -fullscreen +mat_queue_mode 2 -high -nojoy -threads 8 -nod3d9ex +cl_forcepreload 1


      I'm not great with overclocking etc but using MSI Afterburner it's showing my CPU is at like 70+% and my GFX card is only around 40-50% both relatively cool with my GFX only at around 40c..


      Any help would be massively appreciated and I have a feeling its something stupid and small but I'm not great with this..


      Thank you!