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    Intel Pro/1000 MT Dual Port Server NIC & Windows 7 - stuck on 100Mbps!


      Greetings - I recently upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate.  The upgrade went pretty smoothly but I noticed that the Network Interface card is reporting a connection at 100 Mbps even though I am connected to a 1 Gbps switch.  Under Windows Vista Ultimate, I had no such issue.


      The 1st interface is connected to a 1 Gbps switch and reporting 100 Mbps.


      The 2nd interface is connected to a 100Mbps switch and reporting 100 Mbps.


      I went into the configuration settings of the NIC and forced the connection from "Auto" to 1000 Mbps Full Duplex just to see what would happen, and the interface that was connected to the 1 Gbps switch got the red "x" and was not able to connect and negogiate speed.


      Based on my visit to the Microsoft compatibility page and Intel download page, it appears as if the adapter is supported but I couldn't find any notes anywhere about the speed being limited.  I have forced renegotiation several times and nothing improves.


      Has anyone else ran into this?  Is there a documented limitation that I have yet to discover?  Thanks in advance for any guidance.