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    Can't accelerate system HDD despite RST recommendation to do so


      I had a perfectly-functioning RST installation on my Dell XPS8700 for about a year.  Unfortunately, random daily crashes to my system started after I installed and continued after I reinstalled Windows 10.  I was notifications regarding the health of my OS HDD from the RST control panel at that time, so I decided to replace the system HDD with another HDD and to reinstall the Windows 8 OS that came with the computer originally.   I did so without event and then reinstalled RST.


      According to the RST control panel, everything is "functioning normally."  However, the system HDD is not accelerated and the control panel recommends that I enable acceleration.  When I click on the "select device" button, the only option available to me is my second HDD, which is not the system disk.  Continuing through the dialogue results only in an error message saying that the process could not be completed.


      I am virtually certain that my previous installation had the system HDD accelerated.  When I swapped out the original and the new drives, I did nothing other than disconnect the power and data cables, remove the old drive, insert the new drive, and then reattach the two cables.  If RST was able to accelerate the old system HDD, I can't imagine why it can't find and accelerate it now.sugge


      Any suggestions for me?  Googling has failed to turn up anything that seems relevant.