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    Bug report: ac-7265's bluetooth cannot pop up the hint dialog to receive a file.


      Win 7 32bit, dell E5450, ac-7265's bluetooth with the newest intel or dell driver, when other machine sends a file, it cannot pop up the hint dialog to receive the file.


      If I install a clean win7 and then ac-7265's bluetooth driver, receiving and sending do work, but after install some other normal softwares and reboot several times, the receiveing is not available.


      After reboot, the first sending from other machine o 7265's bluetooth always keeps failing, it seems that the first time just asks 7265's OS to launch some processes needed by bluetooth.


      And the bluetooth icon of right-click menu disappears forever after I uninstall the driver and reinstall it, it means I cannot send files with right-click menu.


      I just need sending and receiving files - very basic features of bluetooth, please fixed these bugs ASAP.

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