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    Intel Galileo GEN2 and HC SR04 ultrasonic sensor with PYTHON and wiringx86



      I have to make a security project, using Galileo and python, NO arduino, and I'm using the emutex library wiringx86 to manipulate the I/O de Galileo, so far, I've made the code and it works! but my main problem is taht when I sense 120 cm, Galileo shows me from 115 to 121 cm, it never stay quiet! it changes a lot!.

      Another problem , when I sense short distances, for example 5 cm o 10 cm, five lectures are ok but the next one returns -800560, I don't know what's going on!

      The last problem I'm facing, when I sense short distances, it returns like 20 lectures, and it stops but it doesn't quit the loop, but it doesn't send  data, but when I sense large distances, it's ok ...

      Hope some answers! Thank you all!!

      Best Regards!