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    Abit AL8-3rd Eye II and CPU Upgrade Question


      Hello all, and thank you for taking your time to read my post!

      Here is the problem. I'm using a ABIT motherboard, and since they're bankrupt, they dont give out any new BIOS updates, to cope with the new technology.



      My motherboard:

      ABIT AL8-3rd Eye II


      Chipset: I945PL

      Socket: 775

      FSB: 1066/800/566

      Link to all technical information:
      http://www.abit.com.tw/page/en/mothe...AL8-3rd Eye II



      The CPU im looking to upgrade to:

      Intel® Core™2 Duo Desktop Processor E7600


      sSpec Number: SLGTD

      CPU Speed: 3.06 GHz

      PCG: 06

      Bus Speed: 1066 MHz

      Bus/Core Ratio: 11.5

      L2 Cache Size: 3 MB

      L2 Cache Speed: 3.06 GHz

      Package Type: LGA775

      Manufacturing Technology: 45 nm

      Core Stepping: R0

      CPUID String: 1067Ah

      Thermal Design Power: 65W

      Thermal Specification: 74.1°C

      VID Voltage Range: 0.85V – 1.3625V


      Link to all information:



      Some Info:

      As far as I can see, with my limited technical expertise, these two components should match. However, will my bios be able to cope with this new processor? (I'm using the newest ABIT BIOS v.1.9, which last was updated in 2007, when ABIT fell apart.)

      Using ABITs compatibility form, doesnt do a lot, since it's havent been updated since 2008, again just before they disbanded, so i guess they didnt develope anything. Just placed what it allready could handle.)


      The Question:

      Does anyone have any suggestions (except buy a new MB), any tips about someone creating updating ABIT BIOS'es, or anything that could help at all, in my case?


      Should I buy the E7600 and give it a shot?



      Best of Regards!

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          Hi again all!


          No replies yet.. Anyone with the technical expertise, able to help me a bit in the right direction?

          By the way, I finally got a reply from ABIT Support, and this is what they said:



          Dear Sir,


          The reason why C2D is not supported is because the motherboard uses a 4mbit bioschip. Therefor it is not possible to add all the CPU microcodes from the C2D cpu’s. This is only possible when there are option from the bios taken out to make space for the cpu microcodes this means that options such as Uguru menu should be taken out than the bios lacks the ability to set parameters manually therefor it was decided to not support these cpu’s on the motherboard.


          Inserting a C2D and set it manually in the bios will not work since the cpu microcodes are not present this means the cpu will not be recognizedby model and also will have some issue like for example to high temperatures.



          So, after reading this feedback, Im tilting towards the negative side of things. BUT, "issues like too high temperatures" is just jibberish. There are ways to easily deal with unwanted temperatures, like watercooling or the likes.

          I'm not totally 100% convinsed that the c2d isn't going to work just yet. Can any technical qualified person shed some more light on the problem?