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    Can a bluetooth be in a sniff mode when atom cores are in a sleep state ?




      I hope to minimize current consumption of an Edison board by putting cores into a sleep mode while keeping bluetooth in sniff mode.


      As far as I understood, in the current Edison board, the bluetooth should be power off when we put atom cores into a sleep mode. That means that we cannot enjoy the "low power bluetooth sniffing" when the cores stay in sleep mode. Is this a true story in an Edison board ? or Is it possible to make a bluetooth sniff even cores are in a sleep state ?



      Jeong-Gun Lee

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          Hello hallym,

          What exactly do you mean by sleep mode? Currently the power states of Edison are not available and in fact Bluetooth doesn't need the device to be in a sleep mode to activate sniff mode. BlueZ by default activates sniff mode for devices that must continuously be in contact with the master. 
          What I mean is, sniff mode can be active when a device is on standby mode but also when it's not. So, you can use sniff mode even if Edison's power states are not available. If you would to check sniff mode configuration you can go to /sys/class/bluetooth/hci0 to check it, however you will have to enable Bluetooth first with the command rfkill unblock bluetooth.