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    Is BIOS controlled Raid I mirroring functioning properly in Windows 10


      I recently installed Windows 10 (upgrading from Win7) and then realized it does not support my previously configured Raid 1 mirrored array. My Raid is controlled by an Intel Raid Bios, specifically the AHCI BIOS (Intel Matrix Storage Manager, v ICH9R wRAID5) and it seems to be working when components and configuration is reviewed during boot up. What I am missing is the Windows Raid console on my desktop that tells me everything is OK. Windows 10 only supports the Microsoft product called "Storage Spaces" and as it is new (to me anyway) I cannot find information on its reliability if one of my drives goes down.


      My question is, should I leave my bios settings alone and assume Raid I mirroring is functioning properly if I have a green light on the raid volume during boot up, or should I reset my twin 1 TB drives to non-RAID (using Raid Bios Config)? I could then set up "Storage Spaces" to do the mirroring. None of the Intel components I mentioned has been tested or approved for use with Windows 10.


      My 32 bit home built system consists of:


      • Gigabyte LGA 775 Intel X38 Intel motherboard (ICH9R)
      • Intel 3.0 GHz quad-core processor
      • Twin matched WDC 1 TB drives
      • 4 GB DDR2 SDRAM


      Any advice would be appreciated as MS support has not been helpful (yet).