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    Serial-Over-LAN failures caused by Microsoft KB3147458


      Recently, Window Update automatically installed KB3147458 https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3147458 on my Windows 10 machine.  Since then, I have been unable to connect to remote systems using Serial-Over-LAN redirection with the Intel AMT Managability Commander Tool Mesh Edition v0.1.35.  This problem occurs with systems that have TLS security enabled.  If I disable TLS security on the remote system, then I can successfully connect to the remote system.  Unistalling KB3147458 restored my ability to connect to remote systems using TLS security.


      With KB3147458 installed, attempts to connect to the remote system by clicking on Take Control in the Remote Control tab fail with the following error message:

      "Unable to connect to serial-over-lan port (IMR_RES_TIMEOUT).  Check that the redirection port is enabled and serial-over-lan feature is turned on."


      Following is the content of the debug log:

      --- 6:03:10 PM:Error:Redirection:ExSOLOpenTCPSession code=IMR_RES_TIMEOUT

      --- 6:03:10 PM:Error:Redirection:ExSOLOpenTCPSession completed, code=IMR_RES_TIMEOUT

      --- 6:03:10 PM:Information:RedirectionAlt:CloseSink completed ok

      --- 6:03:10 PM:Information:RedirectionAlt:CloseSink called, conID=0

      --- 6:02:50 PM:Information:RedirectionAlt:BeginRead, conID=0

      --- 6:02:50 PM:Information:RedirectionAlt:TLS negotiation completed, conID=0

      --- 6:02:50 PM:Information:RedirectionAlt:RemoteCertificateValidation

      --- 6:02:49 PM:Information:RedirectionAlt:LocalCertificateSelection, targethost=chuck-dumont2.swg.usma.ibm.com

      --- 6:02:49 PM:Information:RedirectionAlt:TLS negotiation start, conID=0

      --- 6:02:49 PM:Information:RedirectionAlt:OpenSink Connected to chuck-dumont2.swg.usma.ibm.com:16995

      --- 6:02:49 PM:Information:RedirectionAlt:OpenSink Connecting to chuck-dumont2.swg.usma.ibm.com:16995

      --- 6:02:49 PM:Information:RedirectionAlt:OpenSink called, clientID=0, conID=0

      --- 6:02:49 PM:Information:Redirection:ExSOLOpenTCPSession called, clientId=0, user=chuckd

      --- 6:02:49 PM:Information:Redirection:AddClient Completed, Code=IMR_RES_OK

      --- 6:02:49 PM:Information:Redirection:IMR_AddClient, Return=IMR_RES_OK

      --- 6:02:49 PM:Information:Redirection:AddClient Start, Host=chuck-dumont2.swg.usma.ibm.com, Tls=True

      --- 6:02:49 PM:Information:Redirection:Initialize OK

      --- 6:02:49 PM:Information:Redirection:Loaded IMRSDK.dll ver 1.1

      --- 6:02:49 PM:Information:Redirection:IMR_InitEx/Alternate = IMR_RES_OK

      --- 6:02:49 PM:Information:Redirection:Start Initialize, 64bit = True

      --- 6:02:49 PM:Information:Redirection:StartSerialRedirect called


      The Web URL using TLS on port 16993 continues to work fine.