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    Persistent freezes, "Reset to Device, \Device\RaidPort2" in Event Viewer


      I have Windows 10 on a Maximus VI formula motherboard with 2 RAID volumes; 3 240GB Intel 530 SSDs in RAID 0 that Windows runs from, and 2 3TB WD Black editions in RAID 1.


      Lately I have been periodic 10-30 second freezes, after which there will be an entry in the event viewer with source of "iaStorA" showing the following:


      [b]Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort2, was issued.[/b]


      My question is, how do I determine which drive this is? Can I assume that the SATA port numbers listed in the BIOS matches up with the port number in the event text? (so this would be port 2)?


      I tried to run both the Intel SSD diagnostic and the WD DIAG utilities, but neither one works on RAID volumes. All drivers are updated.