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    Intel Studio IoT Edition issues with compiling C++ sample project


      Hey Guys,


      I am new to the intel IoT studio, I am using it on a MAC and trying to compile a sample code found on this github page

      GitHub - intel-iot-devkit/how-to-code-samples

      I have been following steps given on this page

      IoT - How-To Intel® IoT Technology Code Samples: Access control in C++ | Intel® Developer Zone


      Unfortunately, I am not able to build the project, and I get following error


      /Applications/iss-iot-mac/devkit-x86/sysroots/i386-pokysdk-darwin/usr/bin/i586-poky-linux/../../libexec/i586-poky-linux/gcc/i586-poky-linux/4.9.1/ld: cannot find -lboost_system

      /Applications/iss-iot-mac/devkit-x86/sysroots/i386-pokysdk-darwin/usr/bin/i586-poky-linux/../../libexec/i586-poky-linux/gcc/i586-poky-linux/4.9.1/ld: cannot find -lboost_thread

      /Applications/iss-iot-mac/devkit-x86/sysroots/i386-pokysdk-darwin/usr/bin/i586-poky-linux/../../libexec/i586-poky-linux/gcc/i586-poky-linux/4.9.1/ld: cannot find -lboost_filesystem

      /Applications/iss-iot-mac/devkit-x86/sysroots/i386-pokysdk-darwin/usr/bin/i586-poky-linux/../../libexec/i586-poky-linux/gcc/i586-poky-linux/4.9.1/ld: cannot find -lboost_date_time


      To resolve this error, I go to project properties --> C/C++ Build --> Settings --> Cross G++ linker and add the following path




      Build than finishes but, when I run the project it cannot detect the target, even if it is connected through SSH.

      I made sure under Run configuration --> C++ remote application --> I have selected the listed edison board.

      The funny part is even though it says, it cannot detect the target, it runs through and gives me this error on console


      terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'

        what():  upm::Jhd1313m1::Jhd1313m1(int, int, int): Unable to initialise the LCD controller




      Which I think is due to incomplete hardware. which is ok.


      I am not sure what is that I am doing wrong or if I am missing any steps to build the project.


      Can anyone help?