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    No HDMI Audio greater than 2 channels - no 5.1 - HDMI audio signals cuts out


      I just got my Intel Compute Stick STK1A32SC and installed Windows 10 Pro 64-bit clean install.  I am using the latest Intel BIOS on 04/08 pre-loaded prior to putting Windows on the first time.  I have the Compute Stick attached to the front HDMI input of my Anthem MRX-1120 AV Receiver, which also has the latest firmware.  I am using the absolute latest Intel Drivers perfectly installed in clean order, with meticulous precision and order being a long time systems builder/enthusiast.


      2 channel PCM audio signal is picked up by the AV Receiver.. Everything works fine.  As soon as I go into the Windows Sounds control panel and go to the Playback tab and click on the Configure button to change it to 5.1 audio, the HDMI audio signal cuts out immediately on playback.  I must change it back to Stereo/2 channel only for the signal to kick back in again.  Doesn't matter what HDMI input I put the stick on.


      What is going on here!?    I have tried reinstalling all Intel drivers.  I tried installing graphics driver first, then SoC driver.  I tried installing SoC driver first and then graphics driver.  The properties for my receiver show that it is capable of 8 channels, but it doesn't show any of the right formats being supported (such as Dolby TrueHD, etc).  I don't know if that is related.


      I feel there is a driver issue going on here.  I can't imagine the receiver not compatible as it is not receiving a signal from the computer when sound is attempted the Stick set to 5.1.