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    DP55WG, KVR1333D3N9K2/4G


      My board will run only with 2x2GB of these memories. If I upgrade to 2x4GB, Windows 7 didn't start. I also have a strage PCI express problem, my Quadro NVS 290 will only run x1 instead x16 and all cards I tried shows in bios only x8 instead x16. I will try today a installation without EFI boot and hope to solve the PCIe problem under W7. The bios report of only x8 can't be solved without EFI, also the 8GB memory problem. I use a i3 processor an think the main problem was the old bios release, so I hope of a new bios version. All these components did run with a Asus board without any problems, so there is no hardware problem.

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          All is now working, but only if I install Windows 7 with 2x2GB and after that add the other 2x2GB. Except the PCI-e x16 graphic card runns still on x1. I triede other memories, other vga adapter, but all of these cards runns only at x1@x16. There is no setting I can change so I think it is the new i3 processor that caused the problem. I hope for compatibility with a new bios release.