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    Problem with Flow Director filter and statistic registers




      I'm a student at Umeå University and I am currently using an Intel® 82599EB 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller to send and receive network packets. I'm using the Flow Director filter to direct the packets into different rx queues, and I want to use the queue statistic registers (QPRC and QPRDC) to count the number of received packets at each queue.


      However, the numbers are not correct! The GPRC register gives one number for the total amount of received packets (which is correct, it's the same as the amount of sent packets), while summing the queue statistics gives another number, lower than the GPRC. Shouldn't these be the same? It works at low speeds, <5 Gbit/s, but not for speeds higher than that. All packets should be matching the filters. Where/why are packets lost after being received and counted at the GPRC register, but before being placed in a queue and counted at the queue statistics?



      Any other suggestions for ways to count packets divided into different groups/queues are also very appreciated if the solution with the Flow Director filter and queue statistics is not working!




      Johan Nilsson