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    Command line Utility for Managing C600 sSATA RAID Controller


      We recently purchased a small server equipped with the Supermicro X10DRU-i which is based on an Intel C600 series chipset and have installed Windows Server 2012 R2 64 bit Operating System. The server is also installed with the Intel RSTe tool (downloaded from Supermicro site) for configuring RAID and below is its details.


      Intel C600+/C220+ Series chipset sSATA RAID Controller


      We are in the process of writing a script to fetch all the hardware inventory information such as Memory, Hard drives, CPU etc. using PowerShell commandlets. Now since the Hard disk are managed by Intel RAID controller, the PowerShell commandlet is unable to get the hard disk information (such as Serial Number, Model, Name etc) and we get only the Intel RAID 1 Volume information.


      Hence, to accomplish the task, we are looking for any command line utility that can communicate with the RAID controller and get the hard disk information. Tried CmdTool2 and RST CLI Tools (downloaded from Intel Download Center), but none of them is working with the RAID controller.


      Highly appreciate your help on this.


      Thanks in advance.