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    Can't seem to be able to access the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel



      Recently I have downloaded Windows 10, and with it has come a variety of issues. One of these has been in certain games I have been unable to play in a 4:3 resolution with a fully scaled display. I have seemed to have found a way to fix it, but unfortunately I have run into another problem.

      In the tutorial I saw someone using the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel:

      Intel HD Graphics Control Panel.jpg

      But all I can seem to find on my computer is this:


      Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel.PNG

      From what I have read I have what is called an Optimus machine, which means that I have both an NVIDIA graphics card and an Intel graphics card. I don't know if this matters but I thought it might have something to do with it.

      If anyone can find anything to do with this I would greatly appreciate it, whether there is a solution or not, I would prefer to know.



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          I'm not familiar with your particular system but I have used laptops with similar dual graphics card setups. What I've found is that even if the Intel control panel is installed it can't be opened unless the Intel card is currently being used with a monitor (internal or external). So it may be that you're currently using the Nvidia card. On the laptops I've used there has been a function key on the keyboard to switch between the two cards. I don't know if that's the case for your system. However, for games you probably want to use the Nvidia card anyway as it will be much better for games.


          Another possible issue is that if you've just performed an upgrade to Windows 10 rather than a clean install, some of the software for controlling the dual graphics setup may not be installed anymore as the upgrade process may have removed it. I would ensure that you have all of the latest BIOS and Windows 10 compatible drivers installed and that Device Manager reports that all your hardware is running ok. Also ensure that you have all of the latest Windows updates installed.


          I hope that helps.

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            Thanks Dave,


            Although, my actual problem is that I cannot access the first control panel stated, but instead get the second. Also when I open control panel from the desktop it just looks like this:


            But in the tutorial, it had the Intel logo next to "Graphics Options" and "Graphics Properties", like it has the NVIDIA logo next to the "NVIDIA Control Panel".


            Sorry for the hassle,


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              No probs, I see what you're saying.


              With the latest Intel drivers, Graphics Properties and Graphics Options should have an icon and when you click Graphics Properties it should look like the top picture.


              So when you click Graphics Properties from that menu do you get the control panel in your second picture? If that's the case then it looks like you are running off the Intel graphics but that you have different (possibly older) drivers/software installed. However it may be that they it's the correct driver for your Intel graphics.

              Could you go into Device manager and expand the Display adapters section and let me know what adapters are listed. Mine looks like this:
              Display Adapters.jpg


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                Thanks Dave,


                FYI, I have a very old, like 2010, computer, so that might be it.


                Here's the Display adapters:






                P.S. Everything else is working properly, so that's got nothing to do with it.

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                  Ok, unfortunately that doesn't list what model of Intel HD Graphics the system has. You could try right clicking on the Intel adapter in device manager and going into properties. Then go into the details tab and scroll down through the Property drop down and see if any of the entries mention a model number. Failing that if you let me know the laptop make and model I could do some research. We need to make sure that you're using the latest driver.

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                    My computer, although the GT 525M, is not a laptop, it is a Dell Insperion 2320. The drop down list doesn't seem to have a model number.


                    Thanks for the continued support.



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                      Ah, ok. The GT 525M tricked me. It makes sense to use a mobile chip in an all-in-one PC though.


                      So according to the spec sheet that model was made with two different Intel graphics chip sets. The HD 2000 and HD 3000. So it's going to be tricky to figure out which one your version came with.

                      You can find the spec sheet here: http://downloads.dell.com/manuals/all-products/esuprt_desktop/esuprt_inspiron_desktop/inspiron-one-2320_reference%20guid…


                      Neither Dell or Intel seem to have any Win 10 compatible drivers listed on their websites. So the Win 10 drivers might only be available through Windows Update.

                      Did you upgrade directly from an earlier version of Windows to Windows 10 or did you wipe the drive and do a clean install of Win 10? Upgrades often leave software from the previous version of Windows in broken state. If you did an upgrade I would recommend doing the following:

                      Uninstall the Intel Graphics driver from "Programs and Features" in control panel. Then go to device manager and right click the Intel graphics adapter and choose Uninstall. Then tick the box that says "Delete the driver for this device". When that's done, restart your system, connect it to the internet and do a manual "Check for updates" in Windows update. That will make sure you have freshly installed drivers that are certified by Microsoft to be compatible. Then restart your system.

                      When you log back in, check to see if you now have icons next to the two Intel graphics options when you right click on the desktop and see if you can access them. If it still looks the way it did before then it must mean that the latest drivers for your Intel graphics have different control panel software to that used with newer Intel graphics. So that will make following the tutorial you found tricky but you may still be able to do the same thing, it will just look a bit different in your control panel.

                      As I mentioned before though if you're trying to play games on this system you would be better off using the Nvidia graphics rather than the Intel as the Nvidia will be much more powerful, allowing you to use higher detail and resolution settings. Nvidia made a video that explains how to make games use the Nvidia chip here: NVIDIA Optimus Driver Tutorial - YouTube

                      I hope that helps.

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                        Yes well,


                        my worst fears seem to be appearing. My old computer just isn't up to scratch, oh well.


                        I did what you said but still no updated driver. I understand that it's better to play games on the NVIDIA graphics card, but because of the optimus tech, the scaling options that connect to my problem in the beginning is still unsolved.


                        Thanks you very much anyway, I've been holding off posting anything on forums because I though I would be lacking the knowledge to let people be able to work with me, but it seem I, unlike my computer, are up to scratch in that department. I'll keep look for another solution because my problem in the start is happening to almost every player of the game I was trying to fix, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, so I should be able to find something.


                        Thanks you very much for your continued support,


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                          No probs. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help. Laptops, all-in-one's and mini desktop systems can be tricky beasts due to them often having non-standard hardware configurations. I hope you manage to get your issue sorted one way or another.

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                            iDave has been helping you with all the troubleshooting possible to solve this problem.


                            This computer that you have comes with the Intel Core i5-2400S as I can see on the DELL website, when you install or upgrade your system to work Windows 10 you will get the graphics from Windows to work with your system but this processor integrated graphics is not fully compatible to work with Windows 10, your system was made basically to work with Windows 7, at least that’s what I see on this article.



                            Please see Supported Operating Systems for Intel® Graphics Products


                            The graphics you have is the 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® HD Graphics 3000/2000 and with this graphics you can install Windows 10 but it will not be stable for lack of support and Intel will not release new drivers for this graphics to support Windows 10.