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    NUC6i5SYH - Problems installing Win 7 Pro x64


      I've had my NUC for 2 weeks running Win 10 Pro and I'm fed up with the laggy performance that is typical of this OS (had the same performance on the old PC that I replaced with the NUC). When I tried to install Win 7 Pro x64 I got as far as the reboot after initial install and the system could not find the boot disk, got the boot manager error 0xc0000225. Tried about 4 install attempts before I gave up and went back to Win 10 (sigh).


      From what I can determine (after many google searches) is that the Win 7 install doesn't like my M2 drive, so my question is, has anyone done a successful install of Win 7 to the M2 and if so how? Or do I have to swap out the 480GB SSD for a 80GB that I have spare and install to that?


      My specs are:


      Samsung 850 EMO M2 250GB

      Intel 535 480GB SSD

      2 x 8GB G.Skill Ripjaws F3-2400-16D RAM


      Have no other problems with the NUC at all, just the performance issues with Win 10.