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    Intel 750 stability and speed


      Have had ssd for half a year now but in the last few months system has at times frozen at times of write activity, such as windows start and restarting. I took it out of system last week and tried another hdd which also froze after some hours so I thought that was that.


      When resuming from sleep today the system froze after a minute and while an application was launching. Interestingly when I rebooted the application configuration has been wiped. I have asked about the drive also not showing SMART data but have had no response yet, today I also decided to run a speed test and for read I get a maximum of 800MB/s which is way below what it should be. When I first installed the drive last year (in the same system) it was getting the full 2000+ speed.


      My system:


      Intel 750 2.5" 400GB

      ASRock x99itx/ac with asrock u2 to m2 adaptor in m2 slot for ssd

      Windows 10 x64

      Xeon haswell e


      EDIT: Added images and now installed intel nvme driver which allows toolbox to run optimizer. No change and had one freeze on boot since: