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    Will I trash my RAID 5 by forcing a system reboot


      I am running a Asus P7P55D MB. I have the RAID 5 configured with 4 disks. Suddenly, I got a notice of a drive failure and one of the disks displayed a size of 0 Bytes. After I rebooted my system, the drive came back online and the RST started a rebuild. When I logged out from the Admin User, the screen went blank and I can't access anything. The drive light is still on so I think the rebuild is still running


      Obviously, I want to get that drive replaced.  I have some questions:


      1. I want to verify which drive failed. But I didn't note which one it was in the RST app. Now all drives look normal. How can I determine which drive failed. The entries in the Event Viewer were no help. Is there other logging I can look at?

      2. If the Rebuild is in progress, and since I can't perform a normal shutdown, will I trash the RAID if I reset the system?

      3. If I could perform a normal shutdown, is it ok to do so if a rebuild is in progress?