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    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS -- Sleep \ Suspend Warning


      I have a NUC 5i7RYH. After my first unit was replaced under warranty, my second unit was running beautifully, dual-booting Unbuntu 15.10 and Windows 10 (almost never). I have been very pleased with the unit. First sign of emerging problems (while still running 15.10) occurred last week, when the NUC started to refuse to suspend. It would enter suspend mode, then spontaneously awaken itself after two or three seconds.


      Yesterday, I installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. The system went to sleep last night as usual. This morning the system would not respond/awaken to keyboard input. The power button was slowly flashing orange and was completely unresponsive. I unplugged the power and plugged it back in  . . . you all know the drill by now . . . no response at all. So I took it apart and unplugged the CMOS battery [ if the gray and black wires disconnect for anyone else like they did for me, when you put it back together, the gray one reattaches on the side closest to the chassis ]. I was able to restart the system.

      My BIOS is RYBDWi35.86A.0355.2016.0224.1501. 

      Now, since Ubuntu 15.10 wasn't sleeping/suspending properly, I don't see any good reason to roll back from 16.04 to 15.10. But what is the best way for me to proceed. Are there recommended bios settings or any other action that I can take to minimize this problem going forward?


      Update. I went to the power settings and tested my ability to recover from Suspend with the USB S4/S5 both checked and unchecked. While 15.10 would wakeup the system (while that setting as NOT checked), 16.04 will not wake the system up at all. So far, I have been able to awaken the system with the power button when the tests have failed. Wake On LAN is enabled and I downloaded and configured a mobile app. It does not wake the system. Although, interesting, the screen does flicker for a fraction of a second. For Wake On LAN usage, does anyone know how to configure/the NUC and the APP? I am running Wireless and I only see the ability to set the adapter to Wake On LAN from a magic packet on the wired adapter address. Will Wake on LAN work with the wireless adapter? If so, how do you configure it in Ubuntu?