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    Intel Driver Update Utility - not working OK for NUCs?


      Hi guys,


      new thread for this utility. Please share your experiences. I added here screenshots from my Win10 64bit. I have latest drivers installed from Intel download site, but this utility (installed latest ver. doesn't work OK. Before it was worst, during April Intel added there support for our Skylake NUCs. But (for me) this isn't still working....and it looks like good utility because we don't have to go to Intel download page and comapre older/newer driver versions, download them and so on....I installed it twice, but result is the same. Here are my issues:



      and here is my current LAN driver:


      Please share here your experience...

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          I've been using NUCs for years, even before the driver utility existed. I can tell you this is not a new problem.  The accuracy of the tool ranges from mediocre to completely wrong. I have seen (on multiple occasions):

          • The utility doesn't recognize the NUC at all.
          • It recognizes the NUC, but reports the wrong versions for the installed drivers.
          • It reports the wrong versions for the latest drivers.
          • It tries and fails to install the drivers, with no explanation.
          • It will not run, stating the NUC is not connected to the Internet, when it is connected and working.
          • It says the drivers have been installed, but upon running it again, it still reports the drivers are needed.
          • It reports drivers are not installed when they are.

          I love the NUCs themselves, but the tool has been a pain to deal with. I've generally found the old way is still the best: search for the specific model and manually download the drivers.  It takes longer, but it ensures you're getting the right/latest drivers for your model.  Personally, I preferred when they were just releasing driver bundles for each model.



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            Thanks for reply Jason. I discussed this topic also with one guy who has something to do with this app programming, anyway now I cannot find his name/profile... I checked other threads about this app, but many times Intel has no solution yet, everytime they navigate user to download site. @jonathan_intel            and  mark_h_@intel   - can you please tell us, if Skylake NUCs are fully integrated in IDUU? If not, can you please forward this request to responsible Intel team? Because Skylake NUCs are pure Intel systems, so I expected that it sholud work ok in IDUU... cvare - can you also help here somehow please?

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              Hi Rado


              I read some internet posts that mostly corroborate with what Jason is saying and what I am thinking.

              The issues with the Intel updater tool seem to date as far back as the Windows XP era, long before the NUC even existed.

              It's crapware almost as bad as third party driver update tools. I don't need it or want it after I tried it only once

              However, I admire the tenacity you showed in trying to solve the whea bug check, and who knows, perhaps a breakthrough and success lay ahead of you in this Don Quichotesque quest for a working IDUU.

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                On top of everything else, IDUU often doesn't support all of the necessary drivers. If you have to do some driver installs manually anyway, you might as well do *all* of them manually...


                Some notes on doing driver installs manually:


                1. There are no dependencies between driver packages. You can install them in any order.
                2. I ignore/reject all installer requests to do a reboot. I do a single reboot after installing all necessary drivers (this saves a *lot* of time).


                In all of my years doing installs for Intel's Desktop Board and NUC products - literally hundreds of Windows installs - I have rarely seen any problems with driver installs - and none with any of the NUCs. I have seen my share of buggy drivers and driver installers (and implemented a few myself ), of course, but this mostly occurs during pre-production...



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                  I have notified the appropriate people.

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                    Thank you very much cvare  and all. It looks that IDUU is able to check correct versions of latest drivers from Intel site, but it cannot obtain correct info about currently installed drivers, and that's very easy to fix I believe. I don't know if this utility check registry info about driver ver, or from DLLs or INF files, I don;t know. But if Windows itself is able to show driver ver for each device, it shouldn't be a problem to do the same for IDUU. But it doesnt work.... This utility works great for example on HP laptops...when HP wasn;t able to provide correct drivers on their site, I used this IDU, it found everything Intel-based and gave me latest drivers to install....

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                      Hi rado77,

                      Thanks for the feedback. The issues you pointed out are still not all fixed, but version 2.5 will show some improvement. We are working on additional fixes, which we hope to have ready by early June (or possibly sooner.)


                      The latest version is available at https://downloadmirror.intel.com/24345/a08/Intel%20Driver%20Update%20Utility%20Installer.exe.


                      What's new in version 2.5 (

                      • Simplified graphics driver versions
                      • Added scroll bars to list of driver results
                      • Fixed an issue where the wireless networking adapter was missing from the scan results for some Intel® NUC kits
                      • Fixed an issue where older or matching drivers were selected for download
                      • Added translated text for driver categories
                      • Added information about generic drivers for Intel components in OEM systems

                      Known Issue in version 2.5

                      • For Intel boards and kits, some drivers are missing from the results when using automatic scan. Use Search Manually for additional driver availability
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                        He's the right people!


                        Thanks Mark!

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                          Thanks, Cvare and Mark for the information.